Awnings, pergolas, domed awnings and more - Central Awnings is at your service!

As the leading company in its field and one that stands at the forefront of technology, Central Awnings imports, markets and installs a wide range of shade solutions from Italian leaders, GIBUS.
• Extendable awnings • retractable arm awnings • domed awnings • window awnings • tracked awnings • permanent designer awnings • portable winter enclosure systems.
• Aluminum enclosures • sun rooms • wooden pergolas • aluminum pergolas • decks
• Plus a wide and rich variety of curtains using the finest quality fabrics

Our extensive range of quality awnings provides a solution that meets the needs of our clients – exactly!
We have many years of experience providing professional and innovative solutions, matched to each client's specific needs, for shade and coverings. Central Awnings is up to date with the latest technological innovations from around the world. Central Awnings offers its services to a wide range of clients both commercial and private. Our clients include; businesses and stores, restaurants, coffee bars, chain stores, embassies, banks, public institutions and also architects, contractors and designers. Central Awnings operates across the country and offers consultation services with no obligation on your part. We also have one of the most beautiful showrooms in the country.

Awnings and Pergolas and the differences between them

Across the country you will find a fantastic assortment of awnings and pergolas. The differences between them lay in your personal needs.
Pergolas are massive, permanent awnings, usually made of wood that combine design and atmosphere with the advantage of being able to withstand most kinds of weather conditions. However, they usually require permits. Awnings, however, allow greater flexibility and a wider variety of uses. Their primary purpose is to provide shade and privacy and, for the most part, don't require permits. The size of the awning is also an important factor. Here at Central Awnings you'll find solutions for a whole range of needs: awnings for car parking, awnings for swimming pools, awnings for a porch or veranda, domed awnings for service balconies and to hide the laundry.

What types of awnings and pergolas will I find at Central Awnings?

Central Awnings offers you every possible way of providing shade – and even those that you have never heard off.
The awnings we offer include the following types:
• Extendable awnings
• Window awnings
• Vertical awnings
• Permanent awnings
• All types of domed awnings (motor operated or hand operated domed awnings)
• Parking awnings

At Central Awnings, you'll also find specially designed awnings or awnings made to your specific specifications, and if you're not an "awnings" person, at Central Awnings you'll also find the following types of pergola:
• Wooden pergolas
• Massive pergolas
• Aluminum pergolas

Central Awnings range doesn't end here with just shade solutions. Apart from awnings and pergolas, we also supply wooden and aluminum fences, various types of deck, permanent and movable winter enclosure systems for businesses and yes, even curtains.

Awnings for every purpose and for every client

If you dream of a huge pergola in your own, private garden (as well as getting the right garden furniture to go with it), then you'll find it at Central Awnings. If you think that a domed awning is the solution to the hot sun beating down on your customers' heads at your coffee shop or restaurant – then we're here for you. Hotels, sport centers, embassies – whatever your needs, we have it at Central Awnings. Come visit our showroom or wander around our web site – and not just to choose from our huge range. In fact, because of the huge range on display, sometimes you might even find it difficult to choose your perfect awning. Sometimes, it seems as if any of the shade solutions we offer will suit you, and the end result is that you waste a lot of your valuable time and leave empty handed. Definitely not a good situation! Central Awnings has a team of skilled and experienced experts in both awnings and pergolas. Our team works closely with you, advising you, answering all your questions so that you finally choose the awnings that perfectly suit your needs. This way you can be sure of getting the perfect shade solution for your home or business.